Eureka Continues to Strive for Excellence

In May 2013, we hosted our 5th Annual International Certificate Program in Translational Medicine.  This year's course drew quite a diverse group of professionals from around the world.  We spent a week delving into the tranlsational medicine itinerary, as well as the skills that are critical for success. While attendees rated the course as "excellent", a Likert-scale only captures a small part of the larger experience.  For a different perspective, here are some comments from this year's attendees:

  • "This really gave me a new insight into the process of translating medical discovery"
  • "Faculty as a whole combined expertise, ethusiasm and teaching talent"
  • "This was an outstanding course"
  • "I am so glad I was given this opportunity, I am sure it will influence my thinking and career"
  • "Very rich experience!"


We will offer our International Certificate Program for the sixth straight year, and will be accepting applications for 2014. In addition, we are working on some very exciting initiatives, which promise to broaden the experience beyond the course.


The Mission of the Eureka Institute

Our mission is to develop a community of translational medicine professionals equipped to catalyze the application of discoveries for the benefit of human health.


Translational medicine is the evolution of an idea into a new therapy or tool to improve human health and manage disease. The field includes a broad range of disciplines—for example, molecular medicine, intellectual property, funding, regulation, and trial design, among others.

Many challenges hamper such an evolution. Aside from those most discussed, such as getting ideas out of the lab and into people, more insidious obstacles revolve around individual and group skills, the shifting international landscape and a basic awareness of what the development process actually entails. Limited training exists to address these and other concepts of translational medicine collaboratively in one program; and training at an international level is nonexistent.


Join us in making a difference.