What is translational medicine?

Translational medicine can be defined as the continuum from a scientific idea or finding to a diagnostic tool and/or therapy applied to human diseases. The field of translational medicine encompasses molecular medicine, intellectual property, financing, regulation, preclinical and clinical trial studies, among other disciplines. Translational Medicine has emerged as a discipline central to the goal of converting basic science discoveries to diagnostic and therapeutic tools that can be harnessed to treat disease and improve human health.


The Vision, Mission and Strategy Of The Eureka Institute

Our vision is to develop translational medicine to address unmet medical needs.

Our mission is to build and foster a global community of translational medicine professionals for the tangible benefit of patients and society as a whole.

Our overall strategy is to catalyze, integrate and impact education, research and policymaking in an international translational medicine ecosystem that benefits society.

We do this through:

Translational Creativity

When to Throw a Painting to a Drowning Man offers parables and exercises which evoke the structure of a self-help book. The video celebrates the transcendent nature of creativity, examining its potential as a skill and tool for problem solving, critical thinking, networking, and team building.


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