The educational activities will consist of a range of opportunities, based on international (The Certificate Course), in silica (e-learning) and regional (Eureka Workshops) activities. Eventually, we may consolidate those educational activities, integrated by a thesis on experimental translational project, into a cogent Master Program in International Translational Medicine. We may explore the possibility of official accreditation of such program by partner institutions.

Certificate Course in International Translational Medicine

This has been so far the main activity of Eureka and its tangible success. The Certificate is now well developed and mature.

The next steps of its evolution are to:

  • Continue Eureka’s established practice of integrating the solid mainframe of the Course with topics of timely and outstanding value.

  • Exploit the wealth of creative contributions where the Partners can bring in the design and execution of the Course.

  • Integrate distance learning in the certificate course.

  • Distill elements from the Course components which can be used in Eureka Executive activities such as summer school and Eureka Singapore workshop.

Distance learning

Eureka is developing an integrated and comprehensive distance learning program in collaboration with partners as a means to enhance translational medicine education both at the institutional and global level. The distance-learning platform is provided through a partnership with Elevate Health (, an online academy with extensive experience in e-learning development and design in an international context to create a multidimensional e-learning environment that is fully state-of-the-art. In 2014 the first e-learning module was launched and used by participants before starting the Certificate Course. Eureka fully intends to develop the program in collaboration with its partners, in order to leverage integration of the partners’ specific needs within Eureka’s international framework. Redundancies will be prevented.

Eureka Workshops

Eureka plans to offer to its partners a range of educational activities geared toward addressing local and regional educational needs in Translational Medicine. Importantly, all these activities will be branded by Eureka under a quality-control SOP, which ensures consistency in the activities provided, regardless of the location. This will apply to content distributed, methods used for teaching and branding. These educational activities will be located in a ‘regional hub’ in close proximity to the regional Partners, The hub will be overseen by an Eureka Board Member or by a substitute designated by the Board, and the activities will include a combination of alumni, local and external facilitators. These facilitators will receive specific guidance on delivering form and content though a dedicated program (teach the teachers).

The educational activities will consist of:

  • Lectures, seminars and round tables, depicting aspects of Translational Medicine of specific interest to the Partners

  • Meetings, typically lasting a couple of days, aiming at providing in a condensed form basic notions and perspectives of Translational Medicine as a whole

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Strategies to develop mentoring relationships

The target audience will be broad, comprising of:

  • Junior and intermediate level faculty

  • Educators
  • Community Members involved in Translational Medicine (i.e. investors, lawyers, Industry personnel)

  • Medical and Graduate students

  • Patients