Eureka will develop the expanding network with the goal to build a community of translational professionals that will be fully equipped to promote the development of true translational studies.

Diversity and relational understanding are key elements of this network. It will further grow into an even more multidisciplinary network (including professionals with business/corporate background and patients) to enhance the experience of learners and the global impact of the network. Various tools will be used to enhance the network and to capture the critical relational issues of the network. This begins with the yearly certificate program as the ‘home base’ of the network and includes e-learning.

Strengthen The Network

We aim to strengthen the Eureka network via:

•  development of new partnerships;

•  catalyzing cross-networking, multidisciplinary research projects and internships;

•  offering regional educational experiences, and

 •  distance learning curriculum for alumni.


Eureka envisions a multi-dimensional network that becomes a catalyst for education, and research (sharing resources, ideas, people) and creates a common culture, guided by high quality education.

The network will function:

Relational Activities

List of planned and ongoing relational activities:

Eureka Network must be agile, dynamic and responsive to local and global needs. We envision a constellation-type structure, where each partner constitutes a regional hub, managed by a Board Member or by an individual named by the Board and the partner institution. All regional activities are coordinated centrally to ensure consistency in implementation of the plan, while providing the necessary focus to the regional needs.

Eureka is already present in the virtual social space with its web site and associated sandbox, and on Facebook. While these activities are important, they encourage only sporadic and superficial interactions. We plan now to provide a tool useful operationally to identify within the Network possible sources for guidance, collaboration, knowledge and opportunities of any kind in the Translational Medicine space.

We have developed a proprietary software tool (iStudy), which is server/client based, platform agnostic and will be customized in order to contain all relevant expertise, know-how, technologies and resources within the Network. iStudy is much more than a simple repository or inventory, as it will be easily searchable across different data fields, thus allowing identification of resources for complex translational process.

Several collaborative projects, which are typically cross-dimensional in terms of discipline,have sprouted spontaneously within the Eureka Network. In this phase, Eureka will catalyze, inspire and provide in kind and, limitedly, financial support to new translational research collaborations.

Ideally, these projects will be initiated by an Alumnus (who will be the PI) who teams with a Mentor and be multidisciplinary in nature. Calls for applications will occur every six months. Eureka will provide support to design a road map, and facilitate identification of intellectual, technological and logistical resources. Travel and logistic bursaries may be awarded to a member of the team, if resources allow.

  • Teach the Teachers:
    It is essential that Eureka achieves the critical mass necessary to truly make a difference. Hence, it needs to engage the community of Alumni and the faculty at the Partners Institutions. This will be accomplished by providing Alumni and Faculty with the necessary knowledge, tools and methods to provide support locally and participate to educational and networking activities. This “Teach-the Teachers” program aims to help them to become new teachers and leaders of Eureka and to facilitate the Eureka-style of teaching in TM at the partner institutions. This training will be specifically modeled to fit the specific conditions of the partners.

  • Nurture the Students:
    The future of Translational Medicine lies in the ability to inspire, educate and actively involve actively those who will lead the next steps. Hence, Eureka has a keen focus on attracting students from a broad gradient ranging from medical students to early stage professionals (both in Academia and Industry). Eureka will foster, encourage and support activities aiming at actively engaging young minds in a collaborative, international setting. The Apollo initiative, which has sprouted in Utrecht and is matched in Singapore, will be fully integrated in Eureka and will create opportunity for translational education and research experiences on an international basis for medical students within the Network. At postgraduate level, Eureka is coordinating with our partners to provide robust exposure and opportunities for mentoring and growth of physician scientists who will be integrated in the Network.

Partners & Supporters