Translational medicine encompasses the continuum from identifying an idea to its development into new therapies for human diseases. By enabling people to develop research through this continuum, we will move critical scientific insights into tangible benefits for patients. The Program is offered by the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine.

Over an intensive 7-days, we will examine case studies, and help you develop creative problem solving strategies and novel skills to build new kinds of teams. You’ll also hone your ability to communicate effectively across broad audiences. The certificate program is tailored to individual needs, and is based on learner-centered discussions and mentoring by internationally recognized leaders. Skills garnered from this course will help individuals and team members to address the challenges facing drug development today, and bridge the divide between concept and patient.

In 2008, the Eureka Institute gathered leaders in translational medicine, educators, and institutional administrators to explore how to address the education of new professionals in TM. This Consensus Conference resulted in an innovative educational initiative to train mid-level career professionals to address critical gaps in the field.

Since 2009. the Institute has successfully developed and hosted the International Certificate Programs. The program prepares professionals in the international community of TM who will facilitate the evolution from lead identification to proof of concept in humans.

The program is designed to build skills to foster innovative teams, critical thinking, and problem solving. The ultimate goal is to produce multidimensional, interdisciplinary professionals who are prepared for a wide range of careers focusing on improving human health.

Course Topics

  • The concept and components of Translational Medicine
  • Intellectual property protection and development
  • Funding (public versus private)
  • Publication
  • Regulatory issues
  • Modelling diseases and therapies in experimental systems
  • From mountains to molehills: transforming basic research into leads
  • Research ethics
  • Data management and statistical strategies
  • Academia and industry partnerships
  • Clinical trial design
  • Managing research groups
  • International issues
  • Animal models
  • Refined approach: from global diseases to individualised care
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