Nature SciCafe Asia 2017

This year, Nature SciCafe Asia 2017 partnered with Singapore Quickfire Challenge – Metabolic Disease Innovation, to present Ecosystem Day at SWITCH 2017, as we touch on the theme of ‘Creation of Ecosystems in Biosciences’.

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Nature SciCafe Asia (NSC-A) has been inspired by the need to create a productive interface between Translational Science, Pharma and Investors. NSC-A is designed as an opportunity for ‘druggable’ technologies from Asia Pacific (selected by Nature Biotechnology and Nature Medicine) to be showcased to investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, government agencies & industry representatives.


This year’s initiative addressed the overarching topic of how to create impactful ecosystems in Translational Medicine, with discussion on ‘Building bridges within & across Ecosystems – the Eureka Institute experience’ by Professor Salvatore Albani, ‘Challenges & Opportunities in the Commercialisation of Academic Science’ by Dr. Juan Carlos López and the showcase of six novel, Nature-selected technologies with high commercialisation potential.

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