As part of the expanding Eureka network and regional activities, Eureka offers a summer school focused on TM issues in rare and orphan paediatric diseases.  This summer school has so far been organized in corporation with the Science in transition team from partner UMC Utrecht.

The summer school is an introductory experience for students with an emerging interest in translational medicine. Within an interactive and student-driven learning context, the curriculum introduces some principles of translational medicine within the context of rare and orphan paediatric diseases and provide accordingly some of the skills needed to navigate the Translational Medicine pathway effectively in this area.

Unlike the Eureka certificate course, the summer school is meant for a more junior audience such as late masters students and PhD students. The core faculty of the summer school is provided by Eureka local faculty and alumni. The summer school may be offered at other hubs using the same topic specific content.

Here are some quotes from participants of the 2016 Eureka UMCU summerschool:

“I am particularly impressed by the diversity of the groups and the fact that it will be the same situation we face when we would like to practice translational medicine. Also I learnt a lot about how to cope with challenges and hurdles. I will spread the concept of translational medicine in my home institution, at least by writing an article in local journals”
Nikmah S. Idris
“Inspirational, innovative, interactive. Actually the best course that I’ve ever attended. Met some of the best and exciting minds in the business – and that’s not counting the students!”
Rosie Davies
“After this Summer School I’ve become even more inspired to get involved in a translational medicine research project, as well as continue to help build the Apollo Toronto program. In addition to inspiration, I’m leaving with more knowledge, practical strategies and a valuable toolkit to assist me in these goals!”
Alex Koven
“What an inspirational Summer School. I am so grateful for being part of this dynamic group, who I believe will become future leaders and make a change for better future. Especially in translational medicine, I got some new knowledge, enhance new networks and in some point I get a connection with you guys. Thank you for this week”
Andriany Qanitha
“Choices are sacrifices and eventuall that means giving up something you want for something you want more. We all want to be successful scientists and famous for our results and outcomes, but this week I (and hopefully more people) have decided I will give my effort and inspiration to reach one goal only: better care and well-being for patients and people. I look forward to the future!”
Nina de Gruijter

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