The workshop series provides monosynaptic discussion on issues related to Translation Medicine. The workshops are offered at the local continental hubs and run by faculty trained for the partners. The consist of content which is shared network wide, such as a presentation on the theme and of town hall style discussions which will highlight both network wide and regional issues.

When fully fledged, the workshop series will provide a stimulating and comprehensive opportunity to expose the community in the local hubs to Eureka and the issues to international Translational Medicine.

Concept of Druggability: challenges and opportunities


What are the key factors influencing the evolution of a scientific discovery or concept through the translational gradient to answer an unmet medical need? A lot of science is outstanding, but not all of it is “druggable”.


  1. Highlight the principles guiding movement from initial investigations into “advanced” studies
  2. Discuss designing and managing clinical trials, including data management and interpretation
  3. Explore the intersection of interests between key stakeholders (e.g. patients, regulators and business)
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