Eureka Institute.

The Eureka name and logo are as multi-cultural as the organisation itself.

Eureka comes from the Ancient Greek, meaning “I have found [it]”. Its roots are closely related to those for ‘heuristic’, which refers to experience-based techniques for problem-solving, learning, and discovery.

We work and learn empirically, concentrating on problem solving within healthcare.

The symbol overlaying the globe is based on an Antahkarana. The word ‘antahkarana’ in Sanskrit and Marathi refers to “the heart, soul; the seat of thought and feeling, thinking faculty, mind, conscience”.

Ultimately, healing is more than just an intellectual exercise. We are ever focused on the overall well-being of the patient: mind, body & soul.

The globe itself highlights the breadth of the Eureka network

Eureka has welcomed participants from over 35 different countries, and these Eurekians now form a unique world-wide network of experience, insight and support.