Eureka Institute.

The Vision, Mission and Strategy of the Eureka Institute

  • Our vision is to develop translational medicine to address unmet medical needs.
  • Our mission is to build and foster a global community of translational medicine professionals for the tangible benefit of patients and society as a whole.
  • Our overall strategy is to catalyze, integrate and impact education, research and policy making in an international translational medicine ecosystem that benefits society.
Eureka Institute.

We do this through:

Eureka Institute.


The educational activities consist of a range of opportunities, both international (International Certificate Course in Translational Medicine, regional (Seasonal Schools; Eureka Outreach and digital.

Eureka Institute.

Building Community

Eureka has developed an expanding community network of translational professionals that is fully equipped to promote the development of true translational studies.

Eureka Institute.


Eureka is group of novel professionals in translational medicine who are building bridges across the gaps and provide mentorship in translational research.