Eureka Institute.

Eureka Community Network

Ask Eurekians, and they will tell you: “Eureka’s purpose is NETWORKING”.

Eureka has a big ‘community’; well over two-thousand people have attended a Eureka course or town-hall or workshop, or some kind of partner hub event.

The Eureka ‘family’ is a little smaller, but the people who have attended any of the week-long courses or schools know they are connected support-network for life: “Eureka is a CLUB; people want to support each other”.

Each Eureka event alumnus becomes a ‘Eurekian’, and all these Eurekians can find each other and talk together on the private network site: Launched in July 2021.

Each Eurekian has their own unique online profile and can easily interact with others who attended the same course, or are part of the same partner hub, or simply those they share research interests with!

More structured interactions and connections are possible via the online Eureka marketplace and a variety of internal chat boards & forums.

If you would like to join this community, please let us know via