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Eureka partners with world-leading institutions (both academic and non-academic). For these Partners, Eureka acts as a catalyst that enables the Partners to build links and a multidimensional network that goes beyond the normal bilateral relationships between international Institutions.

Eureka’s Partners are crucial contributors as they:
  • Share and help shape Eureka’s vision
  • Contribute intellectually to design educational programmes
  • Contribute Faculty, both locally and to ICC
  • Select and nurture students and alumni
  • Host local educational activities
  • Provide resources, in-kind and in cash
  • Inspire and host multidimensional, international translational collaborative projects
Eureka Institute.
Why partner with Eureka?
  • We are global, impactful, innovative, transformative, inclusive
  • We have demonstrated success in building a new model of translational medicine in education and networking
  • We will share a road map to change the way translational medicine is conceived and executed

The Eureka Ecosystem reaches beyond these actively involved partners, and we are also grateful for the long-term backing of our supporters.

If you’d like to know more about how to get involved, do get in contact


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