Eureka Institute.
Eureka Institute.

All of Eureka’s initiatives are based on the mission of building and fostering a global community of translational medicine professionals for the tangible benefit of patients and society.

A very significant component of Eureka’s strategy is of course its educational initiatives – courses with a core of straight forward teaching, and a ‘hidden curriculum’ that embeds the broad and collaborative thinking needed by TM professional. This is where one sees Eureka’s novel approach to education and professional development in TM!

The keystone-course is the International Certificate Course in Translational Medicine (ICC_TM) run annually in Siracusa, Italy. The cohort is generally around 30 mid-career TM professionals from all walks of the TM ecosystem, who gather for an intense 7-day onsite course to address critical gaps in the TM field.

Eureka now also has a portfolio of regional one-week Seasonal Schools across the globe, as ICC alumni and faculty have returned to their Partner institutes looking to pass on their key learnings. The Seasonal Schools tend to focus on people who are less advanced on their career paths. To date, there is an annual Summer School run out of Utrecht, an annual Merlion School in Singapore, the inaugural Winter School was held in February 2020 and two other Partners are planning their own Schools.

Eureka Institute.

Eureka has had a pre-course digital component for ICC and some of the Seasonal Schools for a number of years; in 2020 we launched a fully online Virtual School, with the first two editions running in October and November 2020.

In addition, a number of regional hubs also run Outreach activities, including Workshops and Townhalls (Singapore), Clinical Investigator Program workshops (Toronto) and Symposia (Stanford) and Hub meetings (Arizona).

Eureka and Eurekians are always looking at new ways to spread the Eureka TM message: in 2020, Frontiers published a Research Topic ‘The Silent Cry: How to turn Translational Medicine towards patients and unmet medical needs‘, which consisted of 20 articles authored / co-authored by Eurekians and edited by Eureka faculty and Board members. A PDF book of the articles can be found here.

Eureka is open to collaborating on other TM related activities – please do get in contact with us if you’d like to know more.

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