Eureka Institute.
Seasonal Schools
LocationAt Regional hubs
Duration3-5 Days
Number of attendees20-40
Number of faculty15-30+

Eureka now also has a portfolio of regional Seasonal Schools across the globe, as ICC alumni and faculty have returned to their Partner institutes looking to pass on their key learnings. The Seasonal Schools tend to focus on people who are less advanced on their career paths.  To date, there is an annual Eureka Summer Certificate Course in Translational Medicine run out of Utrecht, an annual Eureka Monsoon Certificate Course in Translational Medicine in Singapore, the inaugural Winter School (aka the MCHRI Eureka 2020 Certificate Course in Translational Medicine) was held in Stanford in February 2020 and Arizona will hold its first school in 2022.

The Seasonal Schools are developed using Eureka’s decade-plus of international experience at ICC, adapted to meet local needs.