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Merlion School
Duration5 days
Number of attendees20 -30
Number of faculty20+
Attendee profileEarly to mid-stage researchers
Educational Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyse the business, scientific and regulatory aspects of TM, and develop critical thinking skills to approach and explore the challenges
  • Examine case studies, and develop creative problem-solving strategies and novel skills to build new kinds of teams
  • Hone their ability to communicate effectively across broad audiences

The Merlion School is targeted at researchers with an emerging interest in translational research and looking to further expand their skills set or individual career development, be it in research, academic and/or industry. Using interactive and learner-centred discussions, with an exploration of real-life case studies, the curriculum is mentored by internationally recognised leaders.

Sign up for the Merlion School, and you will find that unlike traditional TM courses, this course is tailored to individual needs. It is not based on lectures but on learner-centred discussions, mentoring by internationally recognised leaders, and the exploration of real-life case studies. Skills garnered from this program will help you and your team members address the challenges facing drug development today and bridge the divide between concept and patient.

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