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Nikmah S. Idris
Rosie Davies
Alex Koven
Andriany Qanitha
Nina de Gruijter
Eureka International Summer Course on Translational Medicine
DateTo be confirmed for 2024
LocationUtrecht, The Netherlands
Course FeeTo be confirmed for 2024
HousingTo be confirmed for 2024
Target AudienceAdvanced Master, PhD students, early Post-docs and fellows
Course AimsBy the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Articulate how a translational approach to scientific research can expedite the movement of knowledge to improvements in health
  • Describe the critical role of patients in translational research and list ways of engaging them in the process
  • Define and the basic knowledges and skills required in translational research
  • Grow their professional international network of translational researchers

Like previous editions this Summer School is aimed at younger students than those attending the Eureka ICC: from late Masters to early postdoc and has a focus on Translational Medicine in Orphan diseases and the prevention of waste in science. The programme is built along the same lines, but directed at more junior students. It has an esteemed international faculty of mostly Eureka alumni and faculty. The course was very highly valued by the participants; even in the virtual versions during the pandemic. Participants incessantly report that the school helped them to give direction to their future as translational scientist. 

Come to the Summer Course and you will not only obtain insight in how science really works, but more importantly, you will acquire knowledge on how to be a successful translational researcher yourself. This course is specifically not about learning how to ‘play the game’, but about understanding that there is a game going on, what the rules of the game are and to be able to transcend it.

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