Eureka Institute.
Translational FINMED
LocationOrtigia, Siracusa, Italy
DateTo Be Confirmed
Number of Participants20+
Target Participants
  • Business and bio-medical professionals leading translational innovation in biopharmaceutical, research institutions, private and public healthcare organisations
  • Executives driving top-line growth, managing portfolios, or tasked with creating new business models into medical care industries will also benefit;
  • Professionals interested in starting their own business or pursuing managerial careers in design-driven companies, communications or branding agencies, or consulting firms in the healthcare sector
Course FeesTo Be Confirmed
Course Objectives
  • Participants who come from a scientific background will understand how to design business models and will be better able to attract investors and funds
  • Managers & investors will develop their Translational Medicine (TM) knowledge and understand how it increases their competitive advantage and leads to opportunities to develop their business

Notification List:
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TFM Course is a new advanced educational project to better understand Translational Medicine challenges in a unique, innovative, managerial and financial mindset.

Translational Medicine (TM) is an innovative and rapidly growing knowledge area, able to speed up research & development (R&D) processes and time to market strategies for new and innovative treatments, instruments, devices and diagnostic tools by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative approach. TM requires “new translational profiles and skills” with different backgrounds coming from R&D departments, Healthcare organisations, Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical Companies and Institutions, Financial companies and institutions, Start uppers and Professionals, equipped to bridge the gap between clinical investigation, technological and management and financial fundamentals.

Such TM unique and transversal skills are becoming crucial in evaluating and exploiting health care research to efficiently meet diagnostic and therapeutic needs. Transitioning from vertical, functional and specialised know how into a multidisciplinary-translational approach combining health care mindset with management fundamentals, will provide unique hybrid knowledge in areas such as trial design, intellectual proprieties, and leadership.

Preliminary Programme

Welcome to the Course:
Prof Francesco Priolo, Rector, University of Catania

Road Map of Translational FINMED Course:
Prof Salvatore Albani, Duke-NUS Medical School, Prof Elio Borgonovi, Bocconi University,
Prof Carmela Elita Schillaci, University of Catania

Treating anaemia in kidney disease – an unfinished bench to bedside story
Prof Patrick H. Maxwell, Dean, Cambridge University

Overview of Translational Medicine
Prof Salvatore Albani, Duke-NUS Medical School

How to Evaluate and Assess the Economic and Social Impact
Mr Wainwright Fishburn, Cooley LLP, San Diego

What makes a technology “druggable”: Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas-Resourced based approach
Prof Salvatore Albani, Duke-NUS Medical School

Intellectual Property Protection and Development Strategies
Mr Wainwright Fishburn, Cooley LLP, San Diego

Principles of Preclinical and Clinical Development

Translational Medicine Life Cycle and Steps. Business creation and development life cycle and steps: How to govern the interaction and alignment of the two life cycles
Dr Gabriela Manrique, ANGELINI HIVES

Getting your bearings: A Finance for Innovation General Framework: The Main Pillars
Prof Maurizio Dallocchio, Bocconi University

Welcome to the day (26 Sept)
Prof Antonella Paola Agodi, University of Catania

Open Innovation Networks: Insights from Life Science Industries
Prof Gianmario Verona, Rector, Bocconi University, Prof Ilaria Capua, University of Florida

False Myths and True Practices on converting research & technology (spin-offs) into science-based and deep-tech start-ups
Prof Michele Costabile, LUISS University

From patent to market: a startup journey
Prof Anna Gatti, Bocconi University

Bio Clusters and co-location in ecosystems – Leading change and Innovation and Networking
Prof Beatrice Orlando, University of Ferrara, London Business School

The Journey is the destination: Values, Vision, Mission and Action
Prof Salvatore Albani, Duke-NUS Medical School, Prof Elio Borgonovi, Bocconi University,
Prof Carmela Elita Schillaci, University of Catania

Debate Sessions
Prof Salvatore Albani, Duke-NUS Medical School, Prof Elio Borgonovi, Bocconi University

Panel Discussion Topics

Eco Systems, Bio Clusters and Partnership: Going Together
Prof Luca Spaccapelo, Xyence Capital SGR

Raising Capital (Business Angel, Private Equity and Researcher Grant: Attracting Smart Money)
Mr Luca Marini, Lio Capital SRL

Other Panelists

Prof Isabella Castiglioni, University of Milan-Bicocca, Founder of DeepTrace

Prof Massimiliano Granieri, University of Brescia, Chairman MiTo Technology

Prof Diana Saraceni, Co-Founder and General Partner at Panakès Venture Capital

Prof Alessandro Tozzi, University of Florence and Co-Founder at Endostart


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