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Sergio Quezada
Professor of Cancer Immunology at UCL Cancer Institute and CRUK Fellow
Cancer Research UK Eureka Virtual School
EligibilityThis course is open to UK-based early career researchers working in oncology (clinical and non-clinical, post-docs and PhD students in their final year of study)
Learning Outcomes
  • Articulate how a translational approach to scientific research can speed up the development of new ideas to improve the lives of people living with cancer
  • Describe the critical role of patients in translational research and list ways of engaging with them in the process;
  • Define the basic knowledge and skills required in translating your research;
  • Grow your professional network of translational researchers

Cancer Research UK Eureka Virtual School: A Translational Approach to Oncology Research

Through a series of seminars, case studies and professional development sessions, researchers will be introduced to the value of Translational Medicine and strategies for its application in cancer research. This is a unique opportunity to network with researchers working in Translational Medicine. This interactive experience will equip you with the fundamentals to support you to translate your research. It includes translational approaches to addressing health care challenges, the critical role of patients, intellectual property, regulation, collaboration, critical thinking, reflection, creative problem solving and communication.

About Cancer Research UK’s Entrepreneurial Programmes
This is part of Cancer Research UK’s Entrepreneurial Programmes Initiative, which promotes a culture of entrepreneurship amongst cancer researchers in the UK.

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